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Rotary Air Lock

Rotary Air Lock

We manufacture, export and supply the premium range of Rotary Air Lock. Our Rotary Air Lock is made keeping in mind the needs of the users, hence they are ideal to be used in the various industries. The Rotary Air Locks offered by us are competitively priced.

  • Prevents the passage of air or gas to a great extent
  • The apparatus is manufactured of steel in a welded construction
  • Providing a good degree of pressure tightness
  • Impeller can be adjusted laterally on the shaft
  • The shaft is carried in pedestal bearings.

Principal Parts
  • Cylindrical housing with end plates
  • Impeller with shaft and pedestal bearings
  • 8 radial blades

  • Connection with pneumatic conveyance
  • Drying of fine granular material
  • For filtering plant
  • For dust collector